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Are you in need of professional locksmith services if so we got you covered.
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Automotive Locksmith

Locked out of your car? Need a new lock put in? Key fob acting up? No problem.

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Residential Locksmith

Lockout Re-Entry, home lock changes, and more for homes of all sizes.

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Commercial Locksmith

We can repair or replace commercial hardware like exit devices, door magnets, door closers, broken hinges, etc.

How it Works


Step 1

Contact us to get a quote for any work you need done.


Step 2

Let us know the address at which our service is required.


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That’s it! Rest assured that our trained technicians will arrive on time the day of your appointment.

What Makes Us Different

Professional Service

When you choose Superior Locksmith, you are getting highly trained technicians - not trainees - working on your locks.

High Quality Parts

Not all locks and keys are made equal, and we have worked with enough to know what works best and what doesn't.

Timely Service

Services calls typically handled same-day, and emergency calls can be handled within one hour.

Competitive Prices

We get the job done well and we get it done fast. You don't compromise on quality, and we get in and our effectively and efficiently.


Locks can have debris build up in them over time, especially locks that are outside and/or seldom used. We recommend lubricating the locks on your home and vehicle at least once a year with a spray lubricant like Houdini or Super Lube to keep your keys working smoothly.

We recommend re-keying your new home when you move in. You never can be sure who the previous owners may have given keys to, or how many contractor keys were made on new builds.

Over time the metal of your key and/or the tumblers in the lock will wear down causing them to not line up as nicely as they did when they were new. You can lubricate your lock to help slow this and give your key/lock a longer life. When you reach the point of resorting to ‘jiggling’ your key, we can cut you a key to factory specs and/or rekey your lock with new tumblers to get them working like new.

Having a spare key can save you a headache in case you were to lock yourself out. We recommend keeping a spare key to your home, vehicle, safe, etc…in an easy to access place in the event of a lock out. We can install a lock box on the outside of your home with a spare key that can be mounted to a wall of an inconspicuous area. We can even cut just a lock out key for vehicles with chipped keys to help save money if you don’t need one that will also start the vehicle.