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Forgetting Your Keys? 5 Steps to Stop!

The idea of getting locked out is a scary one. But these nine options will help you avoid it and if not, at least make sure your car doesn't start before its time!

The idea of getting locked out is a scary one. But these nine options will help you avoid it and if not, at least make sure your car doesn’t start before its time!
¬†Finally, parking has become as easy with all the new technology that’s come out in recent years, such as OnStar or by calling roadside assistance who can open doors remotely just by making contact via phone call.

1. Locking your car door from the outside is a great way to make sure you always remember where those precious keys are. When driving away, put them in an easily accessible spot on the exterior of windows or near their respective handles so that it’s impossible not to see them while looking around inside for anything else necessary before getting back into traffic.

2. The best way to avoid the hassle of losing your car keys is by keeping a spare set. There are many ways you can go about doing this, but a straightforward idea would be stashing them in an area where they won’t get lost or forgetful with all those daily tasks!

3. The big, bulky key holders are a thing of the past! No more trying to stuff your keys into uncomfortable or tight places. Attach them securely with this innovative device called “The Carabiner.” It takes little effort for drivers – just loop it onto something around town and go about doing what needs to be done without worrying about losing anything at all thanks so much for these handy clips from days gone by.

4. A retractable leash will ensure that the individual never leaves their car with any chance of them getting pulled away. This is especially helpful if there are kids in tow, as many parents don’t always remember which child gets left behind at daycare!

5. Vehicles without a key is like a coca-cola machine that doesn’t have coins. Finally, there’s a new way to drive, and you don’t even have keys! The remote keyless system allows your car entry without using the actual unlock button, so long as it works with whatever vehicle type or model-year is compatible. The great thing about the remote keyless entry is that it allows you to drive your car and start the engine without ever having physical keys. As long as we have our Remote Key FOB in hand, we’ll never find ourselves locked out of anything again!

Lastly, if you don’t like any of these ideas, keep in mind that you need to break a habit and change the mindset of what you are doing. Before getting out of your vehicle, make sure you put the keys in your front pocket or purse and hold on tightly so that it does not fall off while walking away from the vehicle with the keychain still attached. This will help to prevent confusion and stop you from wondering where your keys might be.

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