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About Us

Whether you locked yourself out of your car, new home locks replaced, or business keys , and much more, we have you covered.

Who We Are

We are a team of professional locksmiths here to help our customers with the best service available.

As a locally-owned, West Jordan, Utah-based mobile, residential, commercial, and industrial locksmith with over 50 years of industry experience, we are always ready to service your comprehensive or urgent needs. In business since 1997, we are equipped to provide you with the swift, professional service you need and the prompt, reassuring service you desire.

Our Values

Consistency/Reliability (we pride ourselves on being able to provide consistent/reliable service to our customers in terms of quality),

Accountability/Quality (we warranty our work because we believe in the quality of our labor and the product that we recommend, and if we try something new that doesn’t meet expectations we go out of our way to make it right for our customers),

Communication (it is important to communicate with our customers because the terminology we use everyday may not be the same the customer uses when looking for services, so we like to ensure that we understand fully what our customers are trying to accomplish when they come to us with an issue they need solved).

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Company Founders

Get to know us  bit more

Anthony Mills

Anthony Mills, Tech

I love being a locksmith because I like working on puzzles, so I view each lock system like a puzzle to solve. I helped an older gentleman with his Honda once, he was told that he was going to have to replace his ignition and housing because his key quit working. I let him know that it is a fairly common problem, and that I could fix the issue by replacing the wafers in his lock thus saving him money. I have been a full time locksmith for 11 years.

Greag Mills

Greag Mills, Owner

I like being my own boss, and getting to face new challenges to meet the needs of my customers. I've helped commercial customers with messy key charts and multiple master keys for their building by making them a new system. They were able to have a single master for their building, and cut down on keys that were never returned from tenants. I have been a locksmith for 36 years.

Dylan Nebeker

Dylan Nebeker, Tech

I like being a locksmith because I get to work on vintage cars or buildings. Seeing history like that is pretty neat. I once helped a customer who inherited a 1964 Mercury Marauder from their father, but couldn't find the keys. I was able to make them a new set of keys to the vehicle so they could keep that memory of their father alive. I have been a locksmith for just over 2 years.

Scott Krelo

Scott Krelo, Tech

I love being a locksmith because I like providing a service to people and helping people when they are having a bad day. I once helped this lady that got locked out of her car with her baby and dog inside. The dog had locked the car by jumping on the door, hitting the lock button. I arrived quickly and helped her into her vehicle. I love being a locksmith for calls like these, when I get to provide a service that makes someone's day better. I have been a locksmith for 1.5 years.

Dan Rose

Dan Rose, Tech

I like being a locksmith because I get to learn and work with new security technologies; I like to keep up with the latest for CCTV and Access Control. We had a customer who had some product that was going missing so they had us install a camera system and they were able to figure out who was taking it and recover most of their product. I have been a locksmith for 21 years.

Josh Vincent

Josh Vincent, Tech

I love being a locksmith because everyday you see new things, from car panels programing keys and making keys to locks. Once I helped a gentleman open a fire safe of his late mother, and he found some old photos that his mother had saved. I have been a locksmith for 7 years.

I love working for a company that is honest and fair with their customers.

Client Testimonials

5 stars
“These guys are great. I just needed a spare key for my truck, he was quick, did a great job, and it didn't cost me too much. I highly recommend these guys.”
Coy Christensen
“They were quick to get to me BOTH times that I’ve used their service. They got me my keys and had the best prices around.”
Jenna Call
“I locked my keys in my car. I called after hours and was happy that they picked up the phone! The gentleman was very friendly and arrived quickly. I was very impressed with the service. I will use these guys again!”
Michelle Shaw